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5 Reasons to Download

The Strongest Poker AI Opponents

They never sleep, never get tired. They are always ready to play against you. Poker Genuis software includes the strongest poker engines which have been successfully tested in real Man vs. Machine poker tournaments, both Limit and No-Limit Holdem. Moreover with Poker Genius you can customize AI playing style: set aggression level, pre-flop and post-flop strategy, bluffing... simulate any real opponent's behavior.

Limit, No-Limit ring games, MTTs, heads-up tournaments

Simulate any game structures. Set the rake amounts for the ring games. Starting chips, players number, levels length for multi-table tournaments. With Poker Genius you are able to check your skill at such famous MTTs as Pokerstars Sunday Million, WCOOP events, FTOPS, Maximus... etc. It will be priceless experience which will definitely make you stronger when playing against real opponents.

You've got Your Personal AI Coach

The in-game AI advisor will help novice poker players to make a decision. It will show what AI thinks is a better move in the current situation. These advices are presented in percentages for raising, calling or folding as a pie-diagram.

Analysis is the Key to Success

Poker Genius is not only a game against AI opponents. It is a huge poker training complex which includes such tools as: Poker Hand Evaluator, Showdown Calculator, detailed Player Stats, Hand History Databases and Importer. You will feel the power of modern technologies and see how your poker skill is improving.

We Are Always Here to Support You

Poker Genius was developed by a group of talented programmers with the primary goal of bringing back the interest in poker AI. Technical support is available to all our customers with an average 1 hour response time. Just e-mail our support team or contact us via Skype.

About Poker AI

"Powerful computer programs are able to beat any chess master. They are the real chess champions.
Poker is their next goal and it will be reached sooner than you expect."

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