Poker Genius: Adding Your Own Poker Bots

Adding your own bot to Poker Genius

Since Poker Genius v.1.05 our customers are able to add their own poker engines (bots). These bots have to be written in Java using open-sourced Meerkat API ( We've decided not to change anything in the API code so all the bots which were written for opentestbed, Poker Academy and other projects will be compatible with Poker Genius.

You will not need any special class loader. So please use this code in your .pd file:

* # All plug-ins must run through the following class:

poker bot

Poker bots installation instructions:

1. Copy both .pd and .jar files into the following locations:

- for Windows 7/ Windows 8 (32-bit): C:\Program Files\PokerGenius\data\bots\;

- for Windows 7/ Windows 8 (64-bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerGenius\data\bots\;

- for Mac OS X: copy these files inside the application bundle into Contents\Resources\Java\data\bots\;

2. Open the Opponent Manager (Window->Opponent Manager) and import a new bot pointing to the correspondent .pd file.

Please visit the Meerkat-API section on our forums for help: