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Poker Genius Online
We've got numerous requests about Poker Genius Online and I'm happy to announce that our team is working on this very important project.
It will be launched next month.
It is finally here!

We've successfully launched Poker Genius Online (PGO) which will unite all our customers and people who are willing to improve their game!

Please register here: http://poker-genius.net

All players will start with zero balance. But we will run freerolls every hour so you will be able to earn chips if you are mastered.

Poker Genius license holders are able to get 200 chips for the starting bankroll. Just email us with your activation key and PGO login.

We are opened for your remarks and suggestions.
Poker genius online not work ?
Working fine here but we really need more activity there.
Sorry, working fine, but nobody on the tables ...
Hi Lea ? It's PA ????

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