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Need to add chip amount in number
Dear all,
i have bought Poker Genius for testing and improve my AI BOT.
To do so, i would like to suggest to add this function in the table :

A.) when villains bet or raise, there is the corrispondent amount in number near the chips the villain put in the table.

To get the bet amount need to scrape the amount written in the chair.
This is not very practice even for who plays normally .

B.) The raise function is different than STARS Table .
Most of the players use STARS , and when we bet 3X the BBLIND amount is included in the 3X.

With GENIUS, the amount to BET or RAISE do not include the default BB

example : BB = 100 , HERO want to raise 3x to 300 , in Genius we must raise 200 to get 300 .

IN STARS we raise 3X to get 300 .

Is possible to have this small improvements ??

Il Mastro

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