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I Believe Hello is Appropriate
Hello to everyone. I am a "Greenhorn" to the beauty of Poker. Have been in a Thursday night group for about 3+ years now and got tired of being the 'designated' loser. That's been my problem since I was first taken to the cleaners back in 1973, when I was in the Navy. I have always felt like I should count the number of players at the game and just divide up my cash by however many guys were at the table. Just save myself the frustration and pass out my cash up front. Huh Needless to say I stayed away from the card table until 1983 when I was on an offshore drilling rig. I tried the game again and again the same result; count the players and pass out my cash. Angry
I never sat at another table for almost 30 years; then in 2012 I was invited to sit in at our Thursday night game ($10.00 'buy in'), so I figured $10.00 bucks for a night out--I could live with that.
I got a book about a month ago "Poker for Dummies" (thinking the title was appropriate to me Blush); did what those guys said and son-of-a-gun if now I am not the "designated loser" anymore!! Tongue
Needless to say I am starting my own Poker University to really LEARN this game and I am hoping that Poker Genius will be a part of my curriculum.
So I am open to any suggestions from just about anyone and Thanks for having me here!
Madd Matt

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