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Let's kick off this chat page for New Year 2014
Happy New Year 2014 everyone.
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Hi, AYBABTU! And welcome to our forum!

I wish You and all Poker Genius Customers a Very Happy 2014 and great results in your poker career.

Our team will work hard on Poker Genius improvement this year. Please stay active cause all the remarks/opinions/suggestions are really useful to us.
May all your cards be live, and all your pots be monsters!
I've learned the value of playing premium hands -- and folding. Reminds me of Warren Buffett who says that investing life is like having the good fortune of never having to swing at anything but the perfect pitch. In other words, it doesn't cost to wait for the "big fat one". True, we have big and small blinds -- but Warren Buffett is all about avoiding mistakes first -- then hitting the home runs.
Just my musing for the day.

There is more truth in that than what first appears. As a total GreenHorn to this game the first revelation I had was when I learned if you avoid the mistakes (at least minimize them), you will at least double your proficiency at this game. When that really sank in to my head the first time....well...if you listen close you can still hear the echo of my jaw hitting the floor even now.
WOW, the reality of that revelation still leaves me dumbstruck.

Madd Matt

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